Thursday, June 6, 2013

Blog remake

If anyone is reading this I made a decision to switch this blog from being V:tes related to a general one. The key to the coffin of my interest in V:tes was the last storyline in which they (IMHO) destroyed everything I liked in some of the bloodlines. I was never found of the storylines but the last one was to much for me.

What is going to appear here.
My views on how countries should be ruled, and where is the world heading in my opinion.
Reviews of games I play, some informations about them maybe sometimes other articles about them.

What can be expected next:
Something about kickstarter set up by Raging Heroes.
Analysis of what is bad in the way how some countries implement democracy and why aren't other systems much better.
My opinion on wealth distribution, corporations, banks and taxes.
Review of core set of Nightfall (I bought one IU have to read the rules and start playing).
Opinion on current book distribution methods and its influence on RPG.
Review of Armie Apokalipsy (Armies of Apocalypse). It is a polish RPG about angels, for mature audience only (any possible articles on this blog will not contain mature content.
Some thoughts about the new Codex for the Eldar (an army in WH:40k).

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